Do you want a Boy or a Girl?


The planner in me could hardly wait to find out if we were having a little boy or a girl.

I wanted to know NOW. This was such an exciting time for us, my husband was ready to start picking up cute little outfits for our little one. And, I was just tired of calling my baby IT and little bean/bambino. Plus, everyone keeps asking. “So, do you want a boy or a girl?” Then they would launch into telling me a way they knew that I could figure it out. It’s quite funny. In a hushed tone they’ll lean in and say “You can know what you’re having if…”

Turns out there are some pretty hilarious old wives tales. My grandmother said if boy babies like me then I’m going to have a boy. Others said it was the opposite, so if a boy didn’t like me and cried when I tried to hold him I was for sure going to have a boy, but if the boy baby was happy coming to me then I was definitely going to have a girl. LOL! Then there were all the things to try. If you hold a pin (suspended on a string) above your pregnant tummy and the pin started moving in a circular direction I was going to have a girl. If it started moving backwards and forwards, my friends, I was going to have a baby boy.

Then there are the more scientific predictions. If your babies heartrate is 140 bpm then, you’re having a boy, if it’s less you’re having a girl my friend. Also, girl babies apparently “take your looks away” so if you’re breaking out with pregnancy acne a girl is in your future. If you have a dewy, flawless glow then a boy it shall be! You can check out more fun predictions on the What to Expect blog. They are some pretty funny predictions.

Truth be told, as my pregnancy progressed and the more I learned about all that could go wrong all I cared about was having a perfectly healthy baby.

What fun predictions have you heard of?

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